EOS Knights reaches 10k milestone, gives away 500 EOS

2018/12/06/ 18:00

This EOS borne mobile RPG game — sorry, the first EOS borne mobile game – released a statement about the event in their Telegram. Saving your village from evil goblins has never been this much fun! The game, which launched in August, had reached 1,000 players within the first 3 days, so it should come as no surprise that 3 months later 10,000 are playing it.

EOS Knights runs on many different EOS block producers, such as EOS Cafe Block, EOSYS, and many more. Good plan if you want to get 10K players, since a lot of EOS’s charm comes from not charging fees over transactions.

What makes this game beat other RPGs out there? Its appeal comes from crafting your own items, such as weapons, armors and more, out of the 55 different items of Nature, Iron, Bone, Skin, and Mineral — out of different recipes. You can adopt a pet from the 24 adorable kinds out there, and to top it all off you can trade your materials and items in the market with EOS. But we're keeping the pets. ALL. THE. PETS.

As the EOS Knights team had promised for their 10,000 milestone, they’re having a 500 EOS event to celebrate. The event started on December 5th at 12:00 GMT, so if you haven’t started playing Knights yet you should probably rush over to their site and download the game ASAP to find out about the event’s conditions and/or compete in any of the 4 crafting events that are being held at the same time.

Article Source: gameunculus
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