A Tablé! begins the pre-sale of its ‘Yummies’

2018/12/05/ 12:25

Christmas it a time of giving and receiving, BitCrystals most recent game, a Tablé has officially begun its pre-sale. Spanning over three months, players have ample time in order to purchase any number of ERC721 collectibles.

Rather than buying an egg or baby creature like in other games, players will be required to do some baking.

Specifically, players will be buying ‘Yummy-mix’, including any number of ingredients. From there, once it’s all baked together, you’ll officially have your own unique ERC721 ‘Yummy’.

With each of these ‘Yummy Mix’ items, the faster users buy them, the cheaper they’ll be!

With every mix that’s bought, they’re logged on the blockchain, and the price of all assets on sale increase slightly.

Along with being sold at a cheaper price, early buyers have a higher chance of newly-bought Yummies having a rare ‘gourmet’ body part.

The only way to find out if you were lucky enough to have one or more ‘gourmet’ yummies is to take part. Once the pre-sale concludes, players will be able to discover the exact appearance of their yummies on ‘Serving Day’.

To participate in the pre-sale, users can download the Casa Tookan digital wallet, or Metamask.

Article Source: blockchaingamer
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