Dicether Major Development Update

2018/11/29/ 09:43

Dicether Major Development Update
New games, leaving beta, increasing bankroll, EIP-712
We are using state channels to implement the game logic. Only for creating and ending game sessions, which comprise many bets, or when a conflict arises an interaction with the smart contract is necessary. So, our bets can be processed really fast. Nevertheless, it is secure and fair as all conflicts are handled by the smart contract.
Currently we are the only fully transparent state channel casino for the Ethereum-Platform. So, we thought you would like a short summary about the key features of Dicether.

Key features
Fully transparency: everybody can verify all bets to check the correctness (Check or verification tool)
Fast, results are instant available
Provably fair
Provably random
Open source (Check our GitHub)
Fully anonymous
Integrated chat
Highest security standards (Sign In with your wallet (no password needed), security headers, DNSSEC, …)

Update to the new EIP-712 standard
After the initial proposal of the EIP-712 in September 2017, EIP-712 was changed a few times. MetaMask is now supporting for a few weeks the latest specification.
So we finally have updated our smart contract to the new EIP-712 specification and activated it about one week ago.

New games
We have added two new games: Flip a Coin and Choose from 12.

Choose from 12
You can pick between 12 different panels. If you have selected the winning panel, you have won, otherwise you have lost.

Flip A Coin
Not much to say. Classic coin flipping.

Leaving Beta
Until now we have processed more than 100000 bets without any major problems. So it’s time to finally leave beta.
We are currently talking with investors and will soon start increasing the bankroll and the max bet/profit.

Business corporation
For business corporations contact us at [email protected]

Affiliate campaign
If you want to refer us, you can create ref-links and earn free Ether. For more information see “How to create a reflink

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Just to keep you up to date, follow us at Twitter, join our Discord and our Subreddit.

View our source code at Github.

Try it out: https://dicether.com

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