Cubego: Building Feature NOW in BETA!

2018/11/29/ 15:23

As you all know, Cubego game was born to offer the next level of blockchain-based game, which turns player’s imagination into reality by letting them build their own personalized 3D characters. The first phase of the Cubego’s roadmap, Cubegon Character Building Feature, is now open, you can enter HERE. You can now find in Cubego store the limited Rare and Epic Cubegoes, the important components to create strong characters and start building your own squad.

Players characters will finally take shape and all will be securely stored on blockchain. As the function is already live, players can now build, register and own their characters in the wallet to share or trade. Character trading will soon be available on OpenSea marketplace. Moreover, players can see their Cubegons joining the demo battleground after being created. It will give players the most intuitive look before the battle mode goes live.

Every character in Cubego is unique. The earlier you start, the more freedom you will have to build your own characters. Other players cannot replicate any Cubegon you build as a new Cubegon shape must be at least 15% different from any existing one.
Creating a new character will also register you as the owner of the character’s copyright, making you the only one who can create color variants of the model. You can create more variants to sell them in market. Copyright ownership is also transferrable as it ties to your Cubegons.
As much as we like to think it is, at this beta stage, the Character building feature needs players’ inputs and suggestions. Your feedback will push the product roadmap forward and improve Cubego features the way you really want.

That’s it for now. Time to create awesome characters! More cool features will pouring in very soon!


Article Source: Cubego
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