Crypto Rome - Cross Game Digital Assets: Here Comes the Cavalry

2018/11/29/ 14:55

When CryptoRome is designed, the team knew that horses would play a large role in game play. Transportation, farming production, and of course, battle, were all ways in which horses made huge contributions to Roman life. The Romans fascination with horses goes even further. The “Mad Emperor” Caligula gave his favorite horse, Incitatus, a marble stall, an ivory manger and a jeweled collar. Caligula demanded his servants feed Incitatus oats dusted with gold flakes and even built it a fully furnished house. He was known to invite guests to dine there with him and his horse. Totally normal.

With all of this in mind, we knew we needed to give horses in CryptoRome their due. Also, as blockchain game designers, we took this as an opportunity to explore the possibilities of cross-game digital assets — and with CryptoHorse, we delivered.

In CryptoHorse: A War Horse, a Racehorse, or Both?

Cross-Game Digital Assets Become a Reality

We could have easily designed our own horses in CryptoRome and sold them in our Marketplace. However, when developing these assets, we wanted to deliver on one of the game changing promises of blockchain gaming: cross-game digital assets. An item purchased in one game can be used in another game, bringing increased utility of the item and increasing its value. Therefore, for these horses, we partnered with CryptoHorse, another blockchain game where you can buy, sell, collect, breed & race horses. Together, we developed 50 unique General-class horses in CryptoHorse. When brought into CryptoRome, these horses become Roman War Horses. We didn’t stop there. All CryptoHorses can be used in CryptoRome as Light Cavalry.

In CryptoRome: No mistaking what this guy is meant to do.

Horses in CryptoRome

Throughout CryptoRome, you’ll discover different types and ways to use horses to advance in the game.

Roman War Horse

The fiercest horse on the block. These unique ERC-721 tokens arrive already at the max level 15 and deliver a serious blow when deployed. A War Horse can be used once per day and will wipe out 30% of the defending army’s troops with each attack. There are only 50 Roman War Horses in existence. You can find them in the War Horse Market.

Light Cavalry

These horses, born over in CryptoHorse, are used to take out enemy troops prior to sending in your army. Each light cavalry attack (one CryptoHorse) will take out 2% of the defending army’s troop counts.

Wild Horses

Wild horses are discovered as a rare resource on certain CryptoRome villages. These horses can be trained to serve various economic and military purposes. More to come on Wild Horses in a future post that will outline all resources, their production, land improvements and items produced on villages.


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