BetDice / DBET Partnership

2018/11/28/ 16:17

As we have partnered with more quality teams, we are pleased to announce that BetDice and DBET have also reached a partnership. We hope that the EOS network will achieve good long-term development. The DBET team agrees with our vision and hopes to work together to achieve it. We believe that through this cooperation, we can go further and achieve a win-win situation.

We’ve added DBET tokens to our platform, and they’ve added DICE tokens to their platform as a symbol of unity and cooperation. As always, adding a DBET token on our platform means you can play all of our games with DBET and you will receive a DBET payment.

From DBET:

“dBet.One is a next-generation platform with high payouts and a good gaming experience. Its vision is to produce state-of-the-art blockchain games. The first game produced by the dBet.One team is dBet Sicbo, which has become A market within 30 hours after the launch of the Sic Bo market. DBET is the general mark of the platform, it will be circulated in various games of the dBet team. DBET holders can share a series of game interests and expenses of the game. The team is developing more More exciting games. Hodl and DBET grow together!”

Let us work together to create a better future.

Article Source: BetDice
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