Tokenville Token Sale: Stage 1 Is Completed!

2018/11/27/ 16:35

It’s official: Tokenville Settlement Stage Finished, 1442.8 ETH raised.

On November 26th, Tokenville reached a new milestone in our history — 1 million of TV tokens sold. It means the Settlement stage of Tokenville’s token sale is over.

The purpose of the Settlement stage was to distribute enough TV tokens to provide wholesome functioning of our platform and the fund production of our blockchain-based shows. As this goal is accomplished, we are halting the direct sale of TV tokens until the Presale stage. 

From now on, the official conversion ratio will be increased to 0.005 ETH for 1 TV token (instead of 0.002 ETH previously). As far as all ERC-721 tokens in our shows are sold in TV tokens, this ratio will be used for purchases made in Ethereum.

Nevertheless, you still can buy TV tokens on an exchange. TV is currently listed on HitBTC and is available in ETH/TV, BTC/TV and USDT/TV pairs.

Currently, we are fully focused on maintenance of our ongoing show The Crypto Treasures of Mann O’Taur and production of the Crypto Detective, our tribute to the Kittyverse which stars Cryptokitties. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Telegram to stay tuned.

Article Source: Tokenville
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