Reinforcing Trust in P2P Exchanges with Stakecoin

2018/11/26/ 12:03

If you are hearing P2P crypto exchanges for the first time, Stakecoin will introduce you to the world of P2P exchanges. Stakecoin platform ensure a complementary cryptocurrency exchange requirements without the need for a third party. For example, if Jack wants to Bitcoins for US dollars and Brenda is looking to US Dollars for Bitcoins, they can use the Stakecoin Platform for the crypto-fiat currency exchange. It is as easy as that.

The Question arises: What is Peer to Peer?

- ‘Peer-to-peer’ (P2P) or ‘decentralized’ exchanges are softwares that exclusively operate and maintain the exchanges.

- P2P exchanges participants can trade directly with each other without any intermediaries.

- Centralized crypto-exchanges serve as intermediaries between buyers and sellers and make profit through commissions and transaction fees. The buyer and seller can have completed.

- The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges is the example of a decentralization philosophy.

How is Stakecoin different?

- Stake Coin is a P2P platform aims to provide the utmost security through smart contracts.

- We see that traditional methods are seeing a reduced number of users due to the lack of speed, inefficient financial services, and higher transactional costs

- The exchange will allow the conversion to crypto-fiat and vice versa.

- Users can deposit fiat in the wallet and get Stake coins in return in their wallet.

- However, only the purchase of stake coins will lead to the buying of other cryptocurrencies.

- We provide all this with low commissions than the market, user-friendly interface and lower transaction time.

So why are we using ERC-20 Tokens?

Ethereum offers a standard set of tokens which can be traded with ease in an ERC Wallet. One of the most significant token standards is known as ERC — 20. The ERC-20 defines a list of rules that all Ethereum tokens need to follow. These are called smart contracts that function within the limitations set by the ethereum system. All of the ERC-20 tokens function the similar way. This involves less risk, increases uniformity and reduces complex functions.

This ensures :

- Less risk of contract breaking

- Easier and faster interaction with web client

- Increased security

- Lower fee structure

The automated buying and selling is carried out through an assigned value to another token by the creation of funds that can be used to trade and maintain a balance. Also, the number of tokens can be changed in circulation with the ability to freeze and unfreeze tokens as and when needed.

Stakecoin is going to revolutionize the peer to peer cryptocurrency trading industry through the most attractive price with zero internal commissions. In addition, the processing speed is much faster and most of all, it is Decentralized!

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