Angel Battles - Collectible Crypto Game

2018/11/26/ 22:44

If you're a fan of gaming DApps, Angel Battles is for you!

What is Angel Battles?

Angel Battles is a digital card-based decentralized app (DApp) that runs on the Ethereum blockchain to provide 100 percent uptime and eliminate the possibility of cheating. As everything runs on smart contracts, no one can cheat or modify anything, not even the game's creators! Each virtual playing card is a unique ERC721 token that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain, giving its owner complete ownership. This means that players can store, trade or sell their cards, even if the game's developers get lost up a mountain! If you're new to blockchain gaming, be sure to read the game's disclaimer, and learn how to connect to the blockchain.

How to play

In Angel Battles, you can collect any angel, pet, or accessory cards to train, breed, and battle your way to the top of the global leaderboard, known as Mt. Zion! When you start playing, your first angel, named 'Barakiel', and your first pet - named 'Gecko' - are free. Your job is to start building your battle team!

The fun begins when you start training your angel with one or two pets. This increases their fighting ability and is known as 'Aura Power' within the game. Once your team of angels and pets is ready for battle, you can choose to fight in a variety of combat arenas called the Menacing Nimbus Forest, the Wimpy Cirrus Meadows, or the Thuuuuuuuunderdome! In each arena, you'll face either a Wild Pet or a Monster. If you defeat the Wild Pet, you can add it to your team.

Can you profit from Angel Battles?

As with all Ethereum DApps, the added fun comes from the chance to make a profit! There are three main ways to do this: the marketplace, battling, and breeding!

1) The Marketplace

This DApp has a marketplace that connects players who want to trade with each other. Players who want to reach elite status as quickly as possible can buy items here. Players who have the time, energy, skill and luck to develop powerful Angels and Pets can sell their game assets to other players. If you get good at training Angels and Pets, you can sell them on the market for a profit!

2) Battling

If battling is more your thing, you can open up a Sponsored Leaderboard. This will reward the winners with medals and ether (ETH). Those with the skills and luck to prosper in the battle areas can make plenty of ether this way.

3) Breeding

If you buy or win two or more pets, you can potentially breed them to create rarer, more potent team members! In Angel Battles, breeding is the only way to create some of the most powerful pets. If you're good at breeding, you can sell or trade them in the marketplace for a profit! Right now the game is on the Wyvern Exchange and the heroic team of devs is working on adding several others!

Some crazy-cool upgrades are in the pipeline!

The masterful Angel Battles devs are working on some killer updates! One of the main reasons this game caught our eye was the mass of awesome upgrades that are in the works. If you swing by the team's Discord, you'll see that they are working on an exciting story mode and have started working with Adobe Fuse to create 3D animated characters, perhaps on another platform such as Decentraland. We can't wait to see that!

The devs are also planning a 'Team Vs Computer' mode featuring 'Super Bosses' where players have to team up to conquer a powerful boss! We absolutely LOVE their plan to let players import other ERC721 assets such as CryptoKitties into battle - how awesome would an Angel vs Kittie battle be?


Be sure to visit Angel Battle's official website for the latest news and updates! If you need help, see how to rescue lost transactionsor join the Angel Battle Discord.

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