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2018/11/08/ 11:39

Crypto In-N-Out’s News Rundown: Argo Blockchain’s Ten-Fold Increase in Sales of Mining Packages, Surge in XRP Sees Price Passing $0.5, Survey Indicates UK Is A Nation of Cypto Believers, $300m Investments to Build A Crypto City In Desert, California Elects Pro-Crypto Governor

1. Argo Blockchain’s 10 Fold Increase in Sales of Mining Packages

In October, Argo Blockchain announced a ten-fold increase in sales of its cryptocurrency mining packages since its initial public offering in Q2 2018. The tremendous increase in sales is driven by the company’s expansion of mining capacity in September after the introduction of the new server technology, which enables Argo Blockchain to support seven-times more subscribers.

2. Surge in XRP Sees Price Passing $0.5

XRP has been having an eventful year with its grand plans in the crypto enabled funds transferring services, and with its partnerships with various well-known banks. Early this week Ripples XRP token had a surge in its price, which increased and past the $0.5 mark. The surge is most likely due to its announcement on Twitter that Ripple is working on entering Apple Pay via Wirex.

3. Survey Indicates UK Is A Nation of Cypto Believers

A crypto survey, conducted by pollsters YouGov, revealed that one in five people in the Great Britain believes bitcoin will be ‘as common as cash or card’ in future, just as bitcoin celebrated its 10th birthday last month. Nine out of ten (93%) people in the UK have heard of bitcoin, and one in five (23%) indicated that they understand the crypto currency ‘fairly well’.

4. $300m Investments to Build A Crypto City In Desert

According to Cryptocurrenty News, the CEO of Blockchain LLC, Jeffrey Berns, has invested $300 million to build a ‘crypto city’ in northern Nevada. Berns was reported to have bought more than 67,000 acres of land in the area for approximately $170m earlier this year. Berns, as a laywer, focused on class action suits against big financial institutions, and reportedly made a fortune through his investment in Ethereum in 2015.

5. California Elects Pro-Crypto Governor

The heart of global’s technology start-ups has just elected a pro-crypto governor. While both Democratic and Regpublican both announced their victory in the US mid-term election, crypto community definitely should celebrate the success with various pro-crypto politicians been elected, in particular Democrat Gavin Newsom who defeated Republican John Cox by 59% to become the governor of California. Newson received $116,800 of donations from the Winklevoss twins, owners of crypto exchange Gemini, in launching his election campaign.

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