Reviews & Ratings — An independent overview of ICO

2018/11/06/ 13:19

Reviews & Ratings — An independent overview of ICO

Hello Everyone!

We are pleased to announce that across various ICO rating websites, has fared exceedingly well in its ratings and independent reviews have come in and they look good. Across the different social media channels, support is stronger than ever and early adopters are not just promoting the project but coming back to invest more!

Take a look at our ratings on prominent ICO ranking sites:

TrackICO: We have been awarded a perfect 5 out 5 by TrackICO, fully coming through in terms of meeting all their pertinent criteria for judging the merit of an ICO.

FoundICO: A score of 9.1 was awarded here, with FoundICO rating our product 9.1 and our team a perfect 10!

FindICO: Another perfect score of 5, this time on FindICO with scoring maximum on all fronts.

ICOBench: The ICOBench bot, Benchy has rated us highly, giving a 4.9 out of 5. Two independent experts, who reviewed the project, awarded 4 out 5 for both our team and the product! Moreover, one reviewer, with 20+ years of experience in tech and entrepreneurship had this to say: “This is a high-octane team with a well developed roadmap and lots of wind in their sails. It is going to be a great product and will join the rest of the blockchain killer apps.”

ICOMarks: We received a total of 8.7 out of 10 on ICOMarks, scoring an 8.8 on our ICO profile and 9 on social activity!

ICOStock24: A score of 4.4 out of 5 was awarded on ICOStock24, with the website rating our ICO as ‘very positive’. It also rated our product a 4.5 and our team a 4.3 while reserving these words of praise under its ‘Investment Rating’:

“This token sale is highly attractive for investing as it has an excellent summary mark. The project will likely have a great future as its services will be in demand thus giving value to its token. The start-up is highly prospective and has a potential to become one of the leaders in the industry that it focuses on. The chances that after listing on exchanges the coin’s price will go up are very positive. The project is expected to have a good ROI and generate profit for its investors.”

Fintide: We got a whooping 94% on Fintide, a Japanese website that reviews and rates ICOs.

Sangus: A metascore of 80% was awarded by Sangus on basis of all the project details supplied by our website, White Paper and social media.

CoinCheckup: We received a score of 4.25 out 5 on the ICO research platform, CoinCheckup.

Snapshot of ICO Listings

Members of the crypto community have also been generous enough to independently review our project and present their thoughts publicly. One rave review we received was by Blockchain Friend who rated us 8.7 out of 10 overall and awarded the project vision a perfect 10 while gave the team a score of 9. An excerpt from the review reads,

“Personally, I am invested in this project and I believe in its potential. If the team delivers as per the whitepaper and the crypto market sees an influx of institutional investors, say the overall marketcap becomes 2 trillion, then this is likely to be a 50–100X ICO in 2 years. We should see the team deliver good returns even in a bear market.”

Another great review was in the form of a comparative analysis with current exchanges, presented in this article by Rajat Gahlot. He said,

“For someone like me who likes to have his freedom while trading, I got very excited by the prospect of an upcoming exchange called, as they are introducing a complete Ecosystem for Crypto Derivatives.”

Our private sale is ongoing and only a few tokens are left, so those wishing to participate hurry up and buy IDAP tokens here. We are also whitelisting for our pre-sale that goes live on 25th June. You can read how to go about the process here. Also participate in our referral program to earn free tokens by registering here.

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