BitCrystals partners with Moonify to reward users

2018/11/05/ 19:34

BitCrystals partners with Moonify to reward users 

Publishers can start rewarding users in BitCrystals in a single click

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve started a partnership with the Moonify ecosystem.

Moonify is a distributed CPU-based monetization platform for digital publishers enabling them to engage with previously untapped audiences, increasing user acquisition in a very innovative way.

With this Platform game publishers can:

– Onboard new users
– Bolster token distribution
– Communicate about your token via another platform</>

Our BitCrystals cryptocurrency is now available on the Moonify Platform next to Monero and Electroneum. This partnership grants game publishers more choice and facilitates access to coins that were previously unmineable.

“Bitcrystals helps game makers make the most of the new marketing and revenue opportunities that the blockchain offers.”

We believe this partnership is the first of a series that will help democratizing the BitCrystals token and help it gain wider adoption.

EverdreamSoft / BitCrystals has been pioneering the integration of the bitcoin blockchain in gaming since 2015. We are very glad to collaborate with Moonify and we hope that this partnership will be profitable for both our audiences and more broadly, to the gaming community.

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