Don’t Miss the Chainbreakers Crowdsale Today, November 1st!

2018/11/01/ 13:02

The Chainbreakers crowdsale starts on November 1st! In anticipation of the crowdsale, we wanted to unveil some more information and details about the items and prices, as well as sharing news of a new partnership!

We want to create game mechanics that are enhanced by the underlying blockchain technology. Chainbreakers quest areas will feature dividend pools that are funded by in-game purchases. These funds are regularly redistributed to the players in those areas according to their performance in actual gameplay. Ethereum smart contracts are the perfect tool to help us establish trust and transparency, and to create a secure system for redistributing player winnings.

We have already started building Chainbreakers, but the funds generated during the crowdsale will allow us to seriously kick-off the project. At the end of December we plan to have a working minimum viable product that features the basic mechanics and first quest areas. Starting in Q1 2019, we will move forward to launching an alpha release of Chainbreakers, according to our roadmap. We will be focusing on creating more quest areas, integrating new features, balancing the game mechanics, and building a coherent storyline. Our target is to release the first stable version of Chainbreakers in of September 2019.

Our team has already put together some really exciting concepts that we’ve been with our advisor, Chris Chapman. We’ll unveil more details about these concepts soon, so stay tuned.

We’ve updated our website!

The Chainbreakers website now includes an FAQ where our team explains the crowdsale in much more detail according to the most common questions we get from our users. We’ll be continually updating the FAQ throughout the crowdsale — if you ever have a question, check therefirst!

Item qualities and pricing

The crowdsale utilizes Decentralands’ MANA token as form of payment. The sale contains a total supply of around 16 000 non-fungible tokens. Higher quality items become increasingly rare and more expensive.

The crowdsale also features eight legendary items which only are only created once and will be offered using dutch auctions with premium start prices.

Common → 240 MANA
Uncommon → 600 MANA
Rare → 1.200 MANA
Epic → 3.900 MANA
Legendary → Dutch auction

As an official launch title for Decentraland, and trustful partners of the metaverse, we had the idea to open an opportunity for MANA holders to invest in usable 3D assets, which are magnitudes cheaper than LAND.

With most prices ranging between $15 and $100 we hope to see this happen.

Partnership with OpenSea

Last but most definitely not least, we’re very excited to announce that Chainbreakers will use the smart contracts from OpenSea to run the crowdsale. They did an amazing job with a custom integration that allows us to use their white-label libraries on our own marketplace.

In addition to that, Chainbreakers will be the first project on their own platform that allows OpenSea users to freely inspect 3D model previews!

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