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'You know that I believe in BTC but I want to understand who is behind an alphanumeric address, it’s easy to be anonymous but it takes courage to put your face!''

The goal of the Skelpy project is to create a blockchain in which all portfolios have a certified digital identity.

Transactions will continue to be visible to everyone, but the subjects will be certified and recognized on the basis of visibility rules, explained forward. Thanks to this method it will be possible to be anonymous based on the level of visibility desired within the Skelpy blockchain.


Being an innovative and very efficient technology, since the workload will be distributed on multiple servers, the source code of the exclusive SkelpySystem platform will not be released.

Only part of the code concerning the blockchain and its usage tools will be released through GitHub.

The Skelpy blockchain is based on technology DPOS (Delegate Proof Of Stake) in which there are 51 forgiving nodes that have the task of keeping the network active and at their discretion to share the daily profits with their own voters.

Profits will usually be distributed as a percentage based on the weight of their vote.

Road Map

Anonymous or Certificates?

Why certify your account when we can carry out all our activities anonymously? Good question!

Nobody wants to pay taxes here is the main basis on which the reason for using Bitcoin & company is based… But do you believe it will last forever?

Just as happened with the email, we moved to certified mail but we can still use non-certified email, right?

In the same way, the Skelpy project intends to offer a certification service for portfolios in the proprietary circuit, while allowing the use of portfolios and blockchain in an anonymous manner.

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