Nacho Men launches referral program

2018/10/23/ 11:55

Nacho Men is a game designed to have fun by playing matches against friends and other players. We are launching a referral system for you to invite your friends, as more players equals more fun! For the Nacho Men guide, please visit:

In our referral system, both the player and the referred person will be rewarded. How does this work and what are the rewards?

Referred friend will get a FREE luchador. (which can’t be sold)

The initial player will receive 40% of the SOUL of every purchase made by the referred friend as a reward. (only applies to academy wrestlers or supplies)

Referral conditions:

Stake 100 SOUL for a minimum of 30 days.
Per 100 staked SOUL, the player shall receive a referral slot in WALLET.
For every referral slot you can refer 1 friend.
The friend has to enter the Phantasma wallet address of the initial player to become a referred friend.
The rewards will be distributed after the player unstakes the SOUL tokens.
If the players decides to unstake the tokens and receive the rewards, the % bonus attributed to that friend will disappear.
At any time the player can stake another 100 SOUL with that same referred friend, but then he will receive a different % of bonus, depending on the date that this new staking is initiated.
For more information about Nacho Men:


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Twitter: @NachoMenGame


Let’s get ready to rumble!

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