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2018/10/16/ 09:20

“A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution.” Satoshi Nakamoto reported in 2008.

However, Bitcoin (BTC) has problems to be a digital payment solution. Bitcoin transaction fees aren’t just expensive, they also take a long time. Bitcoin transaction, can take up to an hour — or potentially longer, as there are no guarantees. Commerce would grind to a half if people had to wait an hour after initiating a payment for confirmation before they could receive goods or services. After all, people often complain about having to wait a few seconds for chip-based credit cards to process in the line at the grocery store.

So, in reaction to disadvantages of Bitcoin and thanks to depth Knowledge in crypto-sphere, Bitether Team created a new coin in 2017, Bitether (BTR), by adhering to Satoshi’s actual vision which is ensuring economic freedom and avoiding from centralization factors. Bitether (BTR) is the secure, fast and has low transaction fees ERC20 token designed to facilitate future payments and transfers without sacrificing your security. BTR is faster and cheaper than Bitcoin, and provides the added benefit of working with smart contracts.

Bitether BTR — The most trusted platform for financial transactions”

We will be executing an intensive marketing in order to lead the market. The Bitether (BTR) will be integrated into most of the e-commerce platforms. Our business strategy is designed to reach the majority of e-commerce business units and enable their potential in the newly forming industry of decentralized global payments.

The strategy of Bitether business development will be to not only spread as fast as technically possible but also on developing a trust and reputation system which will empower our expansion by live feedback and continuous improvements.

As mentioned above, the our main goal is to be widely available for all online businesses. Use Bitether (BTR) to make payments online using our secure platform hosted by thousands of users around the world that you can focus your shopping without worrying about network congestion, high transaction fees or security which are the key issues with legacy blockchain platforms.

“Bitether BTR — The first payment solution”

As well as our integrations of e-commerce, thanks to exchange listings, funds can immediately be converted to fiat currency to protect the merchant from market volatility. Merchants receive funds in the original cryptocurrency or directly in fiat currency. Afterwards, they can withdraw them to a bank account, keep it in their wallet or convert to another cryptocurrency. 

How to trade BTR

We are targeting to list BTR on top 50 CMC listed exchanges. You can buy/sell BTR with other cryptocurrencies. There are options to exchange Bitcoin & Ethereum for BTR on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Mercatox, DDEX, Token Store, Tokenjar and EINAX. BTR is available to be purchased directly with fiat currency. Here is the exchange that provide the option to buy BTR with currencies (USD) Altilly. SimpleSwap offers a safe and fast way to exchange BTR among other Cryptocurrencies listed in exchange. 



Token Store:





Bitether’s mission is to optimize the online shopping experience and through it help people save the one thing that can not be bought - time. Take Bitether (BTR) into the list of top traded crypto currencies in the world till 2020. Make Bitether (BTR) most valuable crypto currency in term of market capitalization. Bitether will strive to offer transparent and secure trades, and help bring cryptocurrencies into mainstream.

Bitether is opening a new era of cryptofinance for the Internet of Values. By cooperating with financial institutions, cryptocurrency companies, 3rd party app developers, academia and the broader cryptocurrency community, BTR is building a broad finance ecosystem on the blockchain. Thus, our aim is to make Bitether (BTR) an incredible Payment Gateway for online and offline users till 2025.

“Bitether (BTR) — The first payment solution”

As well as integrated into most of the e-commerce platforms, Bitether eSolution Pvt. Ltd. aims to launch its new companies where you can use BTR as a payment token;

I) Crypto Industry:

 Crypto Mining Farm (China)

 Grow Bitether 

 Crypto Industry News Channel ( 

 World’s largest ICO Data Bank ( 

II) Fitness Industry:

 Well Equipped World Class Corporate Gym (I Gymholic) in Ahmedabad

 Whey Proteins, BCAA & Supplements Manufacturer (Launching in Sept. 2019)

III) Food & Beverages Industry:

 India’s Largest Range of Organic Products Manufacturer (Launching in Aug. 2019)

 Real Mix Energy Drink State Franchisee holder of Rajasthan

IV) e-Commerce Industry:

 India’s First ever online shopping portal with upto 100% cashback with some unique (

V) Real Estate Industry:

 Residential Plotting Schemes of 254 + 268 = 522 Plots near Ahmedabad named “Parshwa Greens” situated at Shankheshwar (Land of World’s Famous Ancient Jain Temples)


Get your mobile wallet

BTR is integrated to Coinomi and Trust wallet, which are mobile platforms (iOS & Android available) and provide free and secure cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions for businesses and private deals. 

Trust wallet:


Supported market cap websites

Following websites / platforms provide an overview of the cryptocurrency market capitalizations. These are just a tool and resource website that provides data on Bitether (BTR), supply, trading volume, exchange platforms and many other information regarding digital assets.






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