HunterCoin Review

2018/10/08/ 09:37

HunterCoin is one of the unique alternative coins performing very well on market. In most cases, it is described a human mineable decentralized cryptocurrency and game. Introduced to the market in February 2014, the coin has made significant gains on this competitive platform. It has remained stable since it’s the launch and it is quickly gaining ground compared to most of the competition. The currency provides a peer to peer digital platform where the registered user can have fun making transactions without a third party eye watching. The currency has no central control and thus the user can use the platform without fear of being watched.

Processing Huntercoin transactions

The platform provides some of the easiest transaction processes on the cryptocurrency market. all you need is to register, get an account start with the game. First, it is important to note that the altcoin makes use of the PoW (proof-of-work) algorithms to process transactions. The currency is designed to be merged mined with other auto currencies. What makes it interesting is the coin immunity to possible fluctuations in hardware efficiency. This simply means that the value of the coin will possibly remain the same or the changes are constant if they happen.
Mining/Playing Huntercoin

How Huntercoin units (HUC) are mined is the most interesting part of this cryptocurrency. Users are described as hunter and transactions are the commands. A HUC unit can be created with the HUC QT client. It costs 1 HUC plus small transaction fees to create a general and two soldiers. Now it is time to play the game. The goal is to gather HUC and this is why it is referred to as human-mining. The hunter will pick HUC as they are appearing randomly on the map or on the ground.
Each coin block is I minute long and it releases 10 Huntercoin units. One HUC of the 10 mined is distributed to the miners of each block. The 8.75 of the remainder is distributed to the HUC map while the last 0.25 to the hunter with the crown. This is how you accumulate the HUC in your wallet.

Security and future of Huntercoin

The privacy of this platform is highly maintained. Unlike most of the altcoin, it is extremely hard for an authorized third party or the hacker to access the platform. The POW system works by deterring hacks from accessing the system making the platform one of the most secure altcoin markets. According to the head developer of Huntercoin, Snailbrain, the auto currency will continue being one of the most competitive cryptocurrencies. They are planning to add new features in future to make it more reliable and fun to play.

Article Source: Ftreporter
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